Inspired Life is our lifestyle and activities program our residents will enjoy at The Residences. It is a signature comprehensive activity program that encompasses new lifestyle experiences and enriches old favorites. Our philosophy is that our programs should offer nothing less than everything our residents hoped it would be! We combine resident self-directed activities with those planned by our staff as well as entertainers we bring in from the community. This rich array allows our residents to enjoy a full and purposeful life. To guide all of the programming, each resident will be asked to share their interests with us when they arrive, in the form of our Inspired Life Resident History.

The goal of the program is to provide predictable, balanced programs that incorporate the latest research in holistic living environments and socially purposeful activities to create a feeling of wellbeing in seniors. It is a mix of active and sedentary, familiar and new, comfortable and challenging.

The objective is to continue what seniors like and tempt them to try new things all in a setting of safety and support. Some are large group activities, while some clubs and special interest groups could have as few as four or five like-minded residents.

Components of the INSPIRED LIFE Program

Physical Wellness Senior Strong
Social Wellness Nature Lovers
Intellectual Wellness Cranium Stretch
Spiritual Wellness Open Mind
Emotional Wellness Holistic Exploration
Occupational Wellness Busy Hands