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Making Mealtime Enjoyable and Healthy

While the aging process and a lessening ability to cook for themselves can lead seniors to skip meals and substitute junk food, proper nutrition is even more important for seniors than it is for other age groups. At our assisted living community, we take this into account and ensure that our residents have access to the healthy, delicious food they need to stay strong and enjoy the best possible quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about how quality nutrition we offer to ensure that our residents get everything they need in every meal.

Blood Sugar Regulation

While many seniors do have diabetes and therefore must be aware of their blood sugar anyway, those who aren’t diagnosed with the disease should still keep an eye on their blood sugar. Properly balanced meals like those we produce can help to keep blood sugar in check.

Weight Control

There are times that seniors have a problem with weight loss instead of gain, since they tend to forget to eat and skip meals. Seniors who are taking medications that can cause weight loss as a side effect can have an especially difficult time maintaining a healthy weight. While this doesn’t give them free reign when it comes to eating, our nutritional staff at can help design a plan that perfectly meets each resident’s unique needs, especially when augmented by snacks that we make available for everyone.

Stay Strong Against Infection

Proper nutrition also helps to keep up the immune system, which in turn can help to prevent disease. Seniors can be especially vulnerable to infections, so the right nutrition is essential to keep them healthy.

Keep the Mind Sharp

Low blood sugar can also lessen cognitive function. Just like every other part of the body, the brain needs the right nutrients to properly work. In addition to having the right balance of nutrients for blood sugar regulation, meals include plenty of “brain foods” such as salmon, nuts, and avocado, and we greatly limit the use of processed foods which rely on salt, sugar and fat for taste.

And Keep Things Moving Along

Finally, those seniors who skip meals and eat unhealthy snacks instead are at greater risk for digestive disorders. As one example, high-fat diets can cause chronic bouts of diarrhea. Those with digestive issues may be better off eating several smaller meals throughout the day. The staff know to watch out for these types of difficulties and to ensure our residents are getting the right food at the right time for digestive comfort. For example, we plan our large meal mid-day, and have a lighter offering in the evening, to allow for better digestion.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More

As part of our comprehensive senior living program, we offer our residents individualized diets with specialized culinary programs. The Residences at Kenilworth Park is also proud to be able to offer affordable assisted living to low-income seniors through the district supported EDP program. Come and visit and take home one of our menus to see the variety we offer for yourself. Call us if your loved one has any specific dietary needs- our chef will be happy to discuss those needs!